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Energy Bodies of Man


Health and Wellness—Egypt, Urdu, and Thoth

The idea that health and wellness can be achieved by studying the quantum energetic fields responsible for the form and function of the human body is not a new one. Traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medical systems have used these concepts for centuries.


 My book on homeopathy, The Energetic Approach, explains precisely how energy structures affect the body and how energy medicine can relieve illness and achieve wellness. This is a discipline that I call Thoth-ology, the study of energy medicine’s effect on health and wellness.

The word “Thoth” in Urdu script

The word, Thoth, is similar to a word found in Urdu. It describes the idea of a life lived in perfect, splendid contentment—a life not necessarily of wealth and material riches—but rather of wellness, serenity and satisfaction.

Thoth is also the name of a member of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, possibly modeled after Hermes Trismegistus, the fabled founder of Alchemy. By following ancient Alchemical principles—paying attention to the energy fields that animate the material body—and by the use of energy-based medicine, it may actually be possible to achieve that legendary, perfectly splendid existence.

Yet, where did the idea of the perfect life of Thoth originate? Urdu is a language spoken among certain ethnic groups of the Indian Sub-continent. Sir William Jones, a British scholar who studied language and Indian culture in the Eighteenth Century, identified a connection between the ancient Sanskrit language of India and the Greek and Latin languages of classical antiquity. Jones was the first to propose that Sanskrit was the original source of the European languages.

If this is true, and scholars generally accept that it is, then the concept of the perfect life attributed to Hermes/Thoth could have originated in India before it was known to the ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures.

Energy Structures

Knowledge of energy bands that animate the physical body must have originated in India as well. The origins of Sufi Mysticism can be traced to the teachings of ancient Hindu Yogic traditions. The description of energy bodies and levels that animate the human body and control function can be found within the doctrines of ancient Sufism. Somewhere in history the knowledge and understanding of these energy structures became separated from hard-core science, yet this knowledge is essential to understanding the human body.

To understand further how energy animates the physical body, please read the Energy Body page on this website.