Homeopathy – The Energetic Approach

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If you think you know about homeopathy, you’ve not read Michele Iqbal’s work or seen her for treatment. This book is different. For thirty years, Dr. Iqbal has used a deeper and more expanded model of how the homeopathic remedies work on the body and on our energy bodies. Her work has resulted in healing where all others have failed.

Homeopathy, an Energetic Approach goes into detail about this system that is rare in the Western world but more common in the East. It is a system that takes the soul, and our layers of energy surrounding the body into account. It is a spiritual but nonreligious approach that as proven astoundingly successful. You will learn about the system, read case histories, and receive a good, basic education in what remedies may be used for common and difficult problems.

She explains why, in the Western world, homeopathy often fails where here system succeeds. She discusses Migraines, Allergies, MIneral absorption issues, Depression, Sugar craving, Muscle tone, Stomach acid imbalance, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Childhood ear infections, Bone Density problems, Autism, Metabolic syndrome, Syndrome X, Gall bladder issues, Grief, Emotional issues, Trauma, Weight issues, and so much more She gives you several complete step-by-step programs for health and vitality.

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A Novel – The Dravidian Story: A Tale of Peace and Hope

The Dravidian Story

This book is a novel. It is not a true history of alien
encounters with humans—but it could be.
What if it were true that a Galactic Alliance, sanctioned
by the great spirit of all the universe, really
did exist? What if the Alliance had sent envoys to
Earth to raise the intellectual level of humanity
some time in the ancient past? And what if that Galaxy-wide organization communicated with all species through a universal symbolic language?
Maybe, if we learned that language, we could join the Alliance.

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