Homeopathy: A series of six classes to introduce the basic principles.

Conducted by Dr. Michele Iqbal, D.H.M.S., PhD.

New classes forming soon. All classes are on Zoom. Please email me if you are interested. micheleiqbal@gmail.com

Homeopathy is not herbal medicine, Ayurvedic systems, vitamins, or supplements. Is it not an alternative to drugs, nor merely a placebo effect.

It is an energized form of common substances that work on the energy parts of the body, in what is usually called the aura. This is a place where no other form of medicine can reach. Conventional medicine is an important part of our world, and we are grateful for its development and achievements. However, there is a realm that has influence in healing that remains a mystery to the material concepts of health.

Dr. Michele Iqbal studied homeopathy while living in Pakistan, completing a four-year Degree in Homeopathic Medical Sciences and earning the title of Doctor of Homeopathy. Although she has now retired and no longer sees patients, she believes it is important to teach about homeopathy and the potential that it has to maintain health and quality of life.

In this series, Dr. Michele will discuss the energy aspects of the human body, how remedies are able to reach the aura of the individual, why it is so misunderstood, common remedies anyone can use any time needed, and where to go for serious help. Email: micheleiqbal@gmail.com

Free introductory class—followed by six consecutive classes   $250.00

Classes held online through Zoom.

Michele Iqbal